Reviews for "Infinite School Trouble"

Nice use of stock images. But the decisions disappeared halfway through, and when they should have effect they don't. Cut me off right when It was pulling me. The throw money thing was so forced it made me cry. Where was the "Slap this B!tch" option at?

I liked it but...I thought it was a dating game..seems like a novel I like it tho

Feels like it's written by a twelve year old, or at least someone who doesn't know how to right dialog that doesn't put people to sleep.

nabylsoft responds:

Says the person who couldn't even SPELL properly. How pathetic.

Seemed more like a visual novel, but it was decent I guess. It was a bit too weird for my taste. I guess guys might like this kind of stuff though. xD

This is NOT a dating sim.... it isn't even a game. This is more of a visual novel than anything. If you're choices had any effect on what happens it could have even been a choose you're own adventure.

1) Interesting storyline

How so? It's basically "boy transfers to school, meets some people, sees classmate strip, the end".

2) Multiple choice when answering a conversation

Yes.... and all pointless. You're choices don't actually make any difference. For instance when the teacher asks you to join the Kendo Club. You can accept or decline but if you decline you're forced to anyway...... so what's the point?

3) Variety of characters

You mean the 6 others in the game besides yourself?

Overall the this isn't bad...... it's just not a game nor is it as good as you try to make it out to be in the description. Change everything to describe what it really is (or change it to actually fit the description) and you're score will probably improve a lot.