Reviews for "Infinite School Trouble"

Not the worst simdate I've seen, but there have been better. There are a couple of things that make it bland:

1. The game is fairly linear. The choices are obvious (until Cecilia confronts you after class the first time; that seemed kind of lose-lose) and inconsequential, leading to an ending that seemed inevitable. This made it more like a moderately interactive anime, rather than a simdate. This, however, may just be because the game is incomplete (it sure feels like it.)
2. A few of the characters seem flat and uninteresting. I barely felt like I was actually in Ichika's shoes, and the NPCs around him didn't do too well to pull me into the story.
On the subject of the characters: only Cecilia seems to have anything of importance in regard to a story. I was honestly looking forward to having a separate story with, say, Charlotte or maybe Houki.

I did, however, think the concept posed at the end was interesting (albeit a little cliche.) I hope to see more, or perhaps a complete version, in the future.

cool game

Um, I see you've done a good job at MS painting? I think you should work on the story and art more. I see that you just got the characters from somewhere/one else. The story is very cliche with just a touch of weird (not the good kind) which isn't a very good combination. Other problems is probably...this is a little bit to fast-paced for my taste and I found no good reason to like Cecilla, because she was hot? No that was a very thin body also she was a b!tch and my motto is always: If you're being a b!tch to me, I'll be a b!tch to you.

"*Cecilia lighten up a weed & starts smoking*"

Characters and backgrounds taken from anime and other dating sims.
Poor choices and outright weird dialogue.

I would suggest doing your own art (if you're good at it) and maybe using a spell checker.

Finishing the story would be cool. Working up to better rewards would also be cool.