Reviews for "Infinite School Trouble"

first time i read something and liked it

love the groundhogs day thing going on but i really wanted the game to go on for longer

well the story where kind of lame and not finished.what the hell he raised in too the past kind of weird.

Um yeah, I don't exactly get the point of this dating sim at all. It's basically an interactive movie of Ichika being a bigger knucklehead than he is in the anime, which is no small feat mind you.

There's no real payoff with either of the girls, and especially not with Houki or Charlotte at all, which only gets a bit of screentime and no mention of Laura, Huang or the other girls for that matter. It's way too linear of a choice to be with Cecilia and even then nothing comes out of it. The only 2 good things that I see in this is that the story is pretty funny from a "so bad it's good" perspective, and the bit with Charlotte Dunois, who is by far the best girl in Infinite Stratos, but that's just me.

I don't know if this is a demo or what, because if it is, then you have a lot of work to do. A complete dating sim based off Infinite Stratos would be worth checking out, because this does have some potential to be a decent date sim, but so far, I'm really not impressed.

dafq no sex T_T only pissing a guy off

nabylsoft responds:

There will be an "Oh Oh Yeah" scene in the next release. lol.