Reviews for "Infinite School Trouble"

I fucking lost it as "Smoke a weed"

Anyway, good game.! I was really confused as to why the day just started over, but eh, it's whatever.

I wish I could have had an option to beat the shit out of that guy...
Anyways nice demo!

I thought it was pretty great. Really made me itch when Ichika was so rude at beginning. But overall it's amazing. Can't wait to play the "full" version whenever it releases. Oh, and you made me want to rewatch the entire 2 seasons of the show :P

nabylsoft responds:

Hi Jacob. I'm really glad that u enjoyed playing the game. Thank you. =)

This is a awesome game. TIP try saying nice stuff then you won't make the same mistake in the game

Good game, but why is only one playable day ? why the game end at the 2nd day ?

nabylsoft responds:

The purpose of creating this game is more like a software testing to see its capability & performance. That's why this game is short. Anyways, thank you for playing =)