Reviews for "Infinite School Trouble"

good start for your first rpg hope to see more of this with future updates so far so good keep up the good work. and there could be more options like for example dating one of the girls but this is just a demo so I'll wait for the full version or another version comes out I'm liking it so far well done =)

nabylsoft responds:

thanks =). I'm currently working on a new game project. Will include some of the features that u mentioned.

I like what you did so far. I would recommend, if you want to continue/expand this story, add more characters and include the possibility of more than one ending. I like the story

nabylsoft responds:

Thank you. I'll try to expand the story & also make different endings. But I need to be more creative on that =p. Anyways, I'll do my best next time.

Sorry but did you ever read the manga, the novel or watch the anime "Infinite Stratos"?

You take the characters from it for your game and mess them up so much that it´s almost impossible to make it worse.

For example:
Cecilia is an uptight girl from nobility in IS and you make her into a drug consuming stripper.

Houki is Ichika´s childhood friend and actually faster with her hands than her thoughts sometimes.
As such she´d have knocked out Ichika if he saw her changing before even thinking about listening to any excuses / explanations.
But you made them out to be strangers and reversed her personality pretty much.

Charlotte transfers to the school AFTER Ichika and she pretends to be a boy named "Charles" first.
Only later she reveals to be a girl.

Next time you make a game using characters from a novel, a manga, an anime or another game, please look into their character settings first before messing up like this.

Also you should stick to using characters from one source instead of adding characters from different novels, manga, anime or games like that red haired art teacher. that Dan guy or that guy posing as the villain.

nabylsoft responds:

I watched the anime Season 1 & 2. My idea is just to use the characters from IS & make my own storyline. I have to add that villain guy from another anime coz Infinite Stratos don't have many male characters. Perhaps Ichika is the only male character in the anime. Lol. Nways, thanks for your feedback. I'll try to make some improvements in my next game project.

Visual novels were never my thing, but I think you have a decent start here. If you decide to go forward with this, I'd add a menu keeping track of the characters and such (their names, "stats," affection level, etc.).

nabylsoft responds:

Thank you for your feedback. By the way, this is my first flash game I ever made. Still got many things that I need to learn. =)

"Hello there fatty" and "Get out of my face woman" were two choices I had.

Needless to say I've seen enough. I like the concept but what the hell kind of trap is that?

Drawings looked ok if a bit derivative. Looks every other anime dating sim ever made. Dialogue is... interesting. Even before that fateful choice I listed above the dialogue had an awkward style but I like the *idea* of choices in a story told the way this seemed to want to go. That was what interested me - only I don't want to waste my time on something that traps me in a corner, lol.

Doesn't deserve a blam I don't think, but does need some work.