Reviews for "Infinite School Trouble"

It was nice, but I really wished there was a clear ending to all that, even if it's a circle, maybe it could have continue and end up saving Cecilia or doing something to break the loop.

All the features you wrote about are one big lie.

- The plot is not even a little interesting.
- I can't see anything unique about the gameplay. Clicking all the dialogues.
- There are multiple choices, but they actually mean nothing.
- Character arts ARE NOT high quality. Just look closer.

nabylsoft responds:

Come on, at least some of the dialogues are funny right...Lol

0.5 out of 5 to much water

nabylsoft responds:

Man...Please have mercy on me =(

It's okay.
But shouldn't the nighclub have guards that keeps the dancers safe from horny maniacs
that gets too close to them?

nabylsoft responds:

ur right. There should be guards there. Since I want that guy to abuse the girl, that's why I didn't include characters for guards. Lol

Needs to have your choice make more of a difference, not just drag the player along with your intended storyline.
And needs to be muuuuch longer. This is just an intro, right?

nabylsoft responds:

I would say that this game is just an intro. But if I were to continue it, then I need to spend more time on the background & character designs.