Reviews for "TmsT's "Spy and Sentry""

What the fuck
This thing has probably been in the making since two Valentine's days ago.

This pos is too stunning for words. Seriously.

I maniacally laughed because of this.

Spy and Pyro was one of my all time favorite animation since I was a very little kid, watching this just made me feel nostalgic, but provided me with a greater laugh Q.Q
It was great TT-TT

TmsT responds:

KIDS were watching Spy & Pyro? Oh my! Won't somebody think of the children?! ;o

...Did the adult humour go over your head or what? XD



This is absolutly amazing. Without a doubt the best thing on Newgrounds. Animation is smooth, sound effects and music fits perfectly, the plot is very interesting and it is obvious this took you some time to make. I watch this over and over again and it makes me lauhg every time.
Perfection by itself, 10/10.
I hope you make more cartoons like this.