Reviews for "Rejected Sweethearts"

Its not even 40!

(And not even that funny sayings on the heartts.)

Now a little background on me, for sake of my following argument, i dont stick on youtube vids for more than a minute if its too boring or stale, either on funnyclips or serious content on topics of my interest, so its saying a lot when i tell you:
i watched the whole shit, did not get bored once. Mad presentational skills.

9/10 would hire if i needed to video-pitch to engliush speaking customers.

It would be interesting to see your take on a satirical meta-presentation video, something like that video "how to report the news" by newswipe (watch this), or that Dutty Calls.

tonyfamous responds:

thanks. :-) whenever my videos are longer, I worry about people splitting. I'm the same as you. You got to keep me roped in, so I really appreciate that you hung out for the whole thing and then went through the trouble to tell me it was worth hanging around for the whole thing. :-)

It did drag on a little, but most of them were kind of amusing. And while most were rather "unisex" like the "I swallow" one, it felt like there could have been more/better "female" ones. Then again, there's not really any exclusively male ones either. But most felt more geared towards males. But eh. That's fine really. Would just have been more fun with a bit of extra variation. At least it wasn't entirely one sided I guess :P

tonyfamous responds:

I had a lot more, but I know what you said about it dragging on a little, so I basically went with the best ones I had out of a bunch more and then I had almost no time to draw it to get it in before today ( Valentines Day ) so it was a bit of a rush. Also, I just talked everything out ( no script ) before I started animating so I had to make everything fit the length of my dialogue. I probably could have made it funnier, but I really didn't have enough time.

rejected candy hearts

Really liked this one. Had to pay attention to what you were saying and what was showing, but it was worth the effort. Visuals were fine, but the jokes were the real meat here. I laughed out loud on quite a few of them, which is rare for me, since I think something that makes me smile to be funny. Good stuff. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

tonyfamous responds:

thanks. :-) I appreciate the feedback. It's weird when I do stuff like this because I can spend so much time on it that after a while I can't even tell if it's good anymore.