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Reviews for "Dead Detention #4"

I think this one was my favorite when it came to the minigames XD the food one!!! I love this. Your art isn't that bad either, I could never draw that good over and over again! Can't wait for the next one!

Great game, but is there gonna be Dead Detention #5?

overall game great.
The plot seems kinda bipolar, shifting from derpy eating time to dramatic parent worry time.
There is a clipping sound when you pass texts.
And the minigames are... well...
You get the idea.

the music was kinda hurting my ears from the high pitch notes

These games are amazing! I love the art and the little mini-games/quick time events. The humor is very light, and to be honest, relieving. A lot of games resort to offensive humor but if you are even a little bit of an otaku you can get all of them. Overall, these series of games should continue for a while. I really hope you continue to pump these out in the future. Also, these games give me life.