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Reviews for "Dead Detention #4"

It's getting better and better! the music at the end was great! the story design as well
your drawing's awesome but why they don't have pupil?

nerf zombies .... thats wierd but w/e at least it provided me with some good story and some medals xD

Another great one!! Good job! Found the comedy at the beginning really entertaining! The first minigame was some great humour, so was the counting sheep. I like the tsundere Sora, I thought she was annoying at first, and a bit too tomboyish, but she's got a soft side. I like cry scenes. Looking forward to more!

Nice improvement from the previous installments, the grey background was a good addition, it made the screen look less empty, it also looks like you tuned the lines around the characters just a bit which was nice. I wish this part had progressed a bit more on the story, after all, we didn't do much in this one besides just get a call from Max's mom and getting attacked by a measly zombie, i did enjoy that moment Max shared with Sora.

The minigames were still simple but not too simple, it was just the right amount of difficulty.

Second to last!! Wasn't expecting this series to end so abruptly! Though, who knows, maybe the final episode will be incredibly lengthy and plotwise surmount all the prequels. :P Was a fun episode as always, though some of those drawings look a bit sloppy, missing fill on one finger, outlines outside lines, etc... missed the rocket secret on the first try on this one btw, wasn't expecting it to be one of the screens you just click past as it never has in the past, so that was a nice twist. Looking forward to the next one!