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Reviews for "Dead Detention #4"

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHH! I clicked to the music and eat apples ^o^ I dont like reading but the music and bits of game play made me happy. More Game Play next time please. KK BYE!!

LMOA , spelling correction please xD..
Or just me too blind? :]
<3 <3 Nice drawing <3 <3

I'll have to admit this is one of the less interesting episodes. A zombie already got to the roof in ep. 3, wouldn't more of them be up there by the start of the episode? On top of that, staying up there makes the episode pretty boring, and I didn't really find any bits especially interesting/funny. There's leaving us wondering "what Komuro would do," but that's about it.

And, food falling from the sky? Makes me forget that they already gathered food last episode. But why from the sky? Was Sora throwing it at Max for some reason (would actually be hilarious if you had it that way)?

And hm... wondering about that cut Max got, because the first Resident Evil movie said... But I guess it depends. What the heck, I'll rate 4 rather than 3.5 for that mystery.

P.S. The token involves the phone call scene.

Interesting story, quirky and developed characters, puns, cliches, etc...
Can't find anything wrong with it - which means...it's poifect!

It was funny how I could just click past everything. I will admit it could have been more detailed. I wasn't that interested in the story. Oh what do you know, I got all medals except the one worth more than all the others combined. Seriously, do the math. The music was quite good.

I guess it wasn't as easy as I thought with that last medal. Zombies are always cool. Uh, happy Valentine's Day? This was released on Friday the 13th. I guess that was kind of appropriate for it.