Reviews for "Drift Raiders"

The game is definitely fun, but the challenges seem strange to me. Why would you mount weapons on vehicles, and then challenge players to NOT use said guns. Just my 2 cents

its a nice game but there are still some bugs in it try racing with those upgrade 1st car max armor, 2/3 control 1 speed 1 ammo, and you can't shoot you have to race and come in 1st place with 2 other carts, your in 1st place and you hit the line 1st not only that but cross it 1st and these a cart on the right side of you in the same place but just a .01 below you who wins when your the 1st one to cross the line and beat the them to it. There's one more thing there's a cart right next to you on the left and one behide you. Rules you can't shoot, level 5.

This game just feels strange to me, it's like if it have some personality disorders. I mean, the title suggest you to drift to win, but if you try to do so, you will do a 180° and will lose valuable time. So you want to avoid drifting to win. Oh and those dots are zombies, hmm? So, I guess it's one of those zombie apocalypse games, but honestly, who will prefer to go racing in this situation with opponents that can oneshot you with their guns instead of trying to survive for your own life? It doesn't make any sense, except if you are suicidal driver who wants to entertain a sadistic crowd which would be depressingly sad.

Great idea - poor execution.
The graphics and controls aren't very good, and often you'll jump from first to last, as if your current lap progress is lost. this happened to me several times, so it's certainly not a one time bug.
Please fix this and make it playable...