Reviews for "Undertale - Undertale"

It's so perfect.
It sounds just like the original, but better! *o*

This song gave me feels in the game, and to be honest, this actually sounds exactly the same as it does in-game xD which basically means, great remix! You flawlessly captured the feeling of the game and it actually makes me tear up a bit xD

everything sounds so organic, did ya play all the instruments on ya own? it just sounds so real...
a bit repetive, but thats okay. it needs to be repetive in order to be able to dream about it... like green grrass dancing in the wind after rain, sunshine warming the ground and kids playing in the garden.

dunno why but i immediately thought of a remix of it xD with trompets and flutes. beginning with your guitar picturing peace, going on with trompets picturing war, after it the flute for postwar and yet again ending the track with the guitar for the new founded peace :3.

cheers and thanks for the track!

NyxTheShield responds:

Music Boxes and Pianos are virtual, flutes and pianos are real c: