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Reviews for "Hello Awkward"

lol god fucken dammit ive been here before the person always looks directly at your eyes even if the person their talking to is miles to the side

redminus responds:


Just had fairly similar situation just yesterday.

Was walking down the street when a taxi pulls up right next to me and honks his horn, i turn to look and he's looking right at me, so i stop for a secon before walking to the car door. As i go to open it he shoos me away as i realise he's just beeping his horn to let the resident behind me know he's outside. Honestly thought he wanted directions or something...felt so embarrassed as he drove past, I just knew he was regaling the story to his passenger about the idiot who tried to get in the taxi.

That was really well done on all parts.

I hate when that happens.

I laughed, great job !