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Reviews for "Hello Awkward"

Boy, do I experience this kind of moment every so often. One of the many things that make me feel stupid when it happens. Just like the anxious dude, I usually sweat up and quickly assume the person I accidentally spoke to knew I was some kind of dummy. Regarding this animation's execution on this very awkward subject, the results are pretty funny. I really liked the heart exploding and dying sequence and the part where the guy believes everyone saw his embarrassing act. On top of that, this was very visually appealing with a pretty nice art style. All in all, a colorful, funny, and relatable short.

Had the same thing happend to me before, but without dying.. And also having an angery female screaming rape since i said hi to her..

Pretty cool.

But PLEASE tell me what the background music is?? It sounds so familiar!!

haha loved it! only let down was that it wasn't long enough.

Thats me everyday LOL