Reviews for "Hello Awkward"

Ahahaha, them feels are right there.

Amazing job I love your flashes!!! ;D
Keep up the good work <3
I just cant wait for more of your amazing stuff!!
Phoenix Down FTW :3

Bam Phoenix Down!

Awesome animation and great quality artwork. To top it off you also had good voice acting.
Keep it up!

god i am sure every one has been through this lol

Boy, do I experience this kind of moment every so often. One of the many things that make me feel stupid when it happens. Just like the anxious dude, I usually sweat up and quickly assume the person I accidentally spoke to knew I was some kind of dummy. Regarding this animation's execution on this very awkward subject, the results are pretty funny. I really liked the heart exploding and dying sequence and the part where the guy believes everyone saw his embarrassing act. On top of that, this was very visually appealing with a pretty nice art style. All in all, a colorful, funny, and relatable short.