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Reviews for "Hello Awkward"

Pretty good stuff as usual from redminus! I didn't understand the point of the post-credits stinger though.

passes "hey", begins vague convo...

Hate it when that happens!
I usually try to wait and see what they do.
Sometimes i do the polar opposite and try talking to people i know, but it turns out that im seeing them from behind and just because someone is hunchback, doesn't mean thair my friend ... Yet. Lol

Every goddamn day...

THAT'S why... whenever this happens to you, you DON'T wave and say 'hi' back but instead... Lean back in your chair, place one hand on the table in front of you touching your coffee or phone, the other stroking your chin knowingly, then tilt your head 15 degrees, and smile at the person while nodding slightly! Either way the situation goes -YOU WIN! Full points!