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Reviews for "Hello Awkward"

Excellent job! :D love the art, scenery, voices, animation, sound effects, everything!

Redminus once again delivers.
Great art. Awesome animation. And to top it off, actual humor.

The one time a phoenix down actually saved someone.

Thank you for restoring my faith in NG. Finally something decent on the front page! Kudos

*deep breath*

Ok son! I am going to coach you trough this ok? You just failed this badly. They probably haven't notice. So your fine. But if they did notice then you need to move or else your screwed! So don't take chances. Get up and just walk. Walk straight and just go meet up with an invisible person in that direction. ( out of sight of course)

No use dying over it. And with a little luck no one knows you. If that's the case all the more reason to do nothing or just walk out before you make another blunder. With a picture your going to get identified fast on the internet.

I did not get the reference with the feather. But other then that animation is smooth with nice voice acting, scenario and music. Nice work and wise choices...