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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Episode 1"

This is a really good animation. The art is beautiful, and the setting and characters are well designed. I did feel like the emotions on the characters faces was a bit unclear, or muddy at times. It seemed like they weren't portraying an emotion that matched the dialogue, or else that they seemed to go through several emotions really quickly and it wasn't clear why. For example, with the mother owl and companion owl seeming nervous all the time, they seemed almost too deeply fearful without any explanation, while Zale didn't feel any worry at all. But good job on this animation, I will be returning for the next one!

Cute ^^
Kinda find the framerate unsetling sometimes though.
But the art... So much worth it.

It was amazing! I can't wait for more episodes!

Beautiful which defines this whole episode.

An impressive first episode! Animation, voicing, background music (Jabun! :D) is all equally impressive, and the story just as compelling, in the sense of mystery as much as the sense of simplicity. Looking forward to the second one!