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Reviews for "Worlds Greatest Manwhore 2"

LOL dude I really hope you do this for a network one day, you are funny and a good animator

Sexual-Lobster responds:


A little to fluid for what I was expecting. So I think that the battle scene wasn't as good. Randy's scene was cool. Also there seems to be some sounds missing from the effects. Like falling for example, I was expecting some falling sound like a woosh but there wasn't. So over all I think this episode has a feeling like the new southpark season were stuff from previous episodes make references. But I don't think it was as successful.

A good piece, overall the quality of the animation is better than older arts; but I discuss that the quailty of writting isn't as good.

Thank you SL for five more minutes of tremendously tumultuous Manwhore magic. My loins were seething once more with every passing second of this masterpiece of depravity. May everyone be showered in the greasy passion that spew forth from this video. I love you SL. I've said it before you make my day every time a new video is posted. Thanks really.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


I must know what that sexy little tune that plays during Fernando's seduction is. :3

This is bullshit.
5 stars