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Reviews for "Worlds Greatest Manwhore 2"

Awesome stuff! Plenty of original content and slick animation, and an amusing, if slightly anti-climactic ending to a great series, although the anti-climax makes the joke, in my opinion.

Really enjoyed this series, and I was pleased to recognize my favourite riff from the Donut episode during the end credits.

-0.5 stars for not further elaborating on the Fernando's Father storyline, but I hope we'll get to see that in future work from you.

Overall, great series, good work, man, it's been a ride!

Sexual-Lobster responds:


The best ongoing animation on newgrounds at the moment. more please

4:35 Hidden penis between the walrus's tusks that was totally put there on purpose and I swear I'm not just seeing things!!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN , THE INNOCENT, ADORABLE, HIGH VALUE ON THE BLACK MARKET CHILDREN!

True Fact : If you play this video while having sex you can cum a yogurt river... that will led you to the walrus pit!

loved it and randy line of "what the @#$!% just happened"sumed up that soo perfectly