Reviews for "Eric's Quest"

A nicely executed, by-the-numbers hero story with a twist.
It was well drawn and you did a number telling the story with very few spoken words of dialogue. I'm hoping at some point you can make a sequel. I'm curious to see what adventures these characters might have once the credits rolled.
Overall, kept my attention for the duration. Nice work!

Cute and well-done. Some parts felt very cliche - in fact most of it was cliche - but it was drawn and animated very well. I thought it was a bit strange that most of the animation was done with no voice acting, yet midway through the animation there were a few lines of dialogue. Regardless, it kept its simple tone and was consistent and entertaining to the end. I was half-expecting the twist but still found it funny.

The one thing I would ask is that for a four-minute animation, there would be more humor than the one non-sequitur at the end.

I like the dialog style simple grunts or one word sentences the animation needs some work though.

Well animated and funny. The story was captivating too. Great job.

Awesome animation!