Reviews for "Eric's Quest"

Really great, but is the redhead voiced by a male? 0_o

ObsidianWasp responds:

It's entirely possible.

Probably the best ending in a long time

"Dude... dude, no, go for the hot elf chick! No, go for the hot... what... she... AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!"

Great story, great humor, great animation. Despite being drawn in a simple style, there were some really clever and effective visual concepts in here. The sound effects were also spot on. The "fall down a pit" sound made me laugh. The end was INFURIATING! I wish it didn't cut off before he was done talking, because he was only saying what we all felt!

Faces were great, music choice was goodthe art and animation was pretty great too.
You pulled some C&H stuff with the ending there XD

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 9 out of ten, best thing ever!