Reviews for "Eric's Quest"

lmao, that ending... up until that point it felt like all the comical moments were a bit misplayed though, as if the animation was supposed to be intense; emotional and all that, especially with the music, yet certain facial expressions/sound effects kept opting for comedy, a bit of a clash. The end was fun, but all leading up to that point felt a bit imbalanced in that regard. Looks; sounds good though, and I like the story, just wish it'd focus more on one genre. Nice work!


ObsidianWasp responds:

Yeah, the comical moments could've been a bit better. I wanted to at least add in a bit of humor to keep people from taking it TOO seriously (and so I could pull off the ending a bit better and it wouldn't seem as abrupt)... but it was a bit imbalanced. I dunno, my future works are going to be more humor-based, and I'll try to balance out the more cinematic moments in them, too. Thanks for your review!

Nice and funny :)

Voted in top 10 of February! God Bless :D

Tipical girl voice of man XD but anyway is cool bro, i really like it .__.b

This was pretty good, but this story has been really played out here on Newgrounds. You can search for (Name)'s Quest and come up with at least three or four different zelda-esque adventure parodies. Regarding the story, I feel like the only new thing you brought was that the two female leads were actually lesbians...that was unexpectedly funny. The art style was simplistic but just interesting enough that it was your own, and it had a really nice flow from shot to shot. My only complaint is the voices...every time the redhead grunted or made some sort of sound, it sounded off. Like other reviewers here said, it seemed like it was a guy. So unless that's something you were intentionally "parodying" for the character's design, I would advise to make it sound more female next time. I also feel like there were some opportunities for dialogue but it was all mostly visual gags and music that paced the movie...dialogue maybe could've added more substance between scenes but that's just my opinion.
My advice for your future work would be to work on more original story ideas(and even invent new comedy bits instead of relying on what works)...having more believable voicework and sound effects, and maybe even upping your animation quality (shading, more inspired character design) Despite all this I did enjoy the movie, it just could have been much more.

ObsidianWasp responds:

Thank you for your advice. I definitely have more "original" things planned in the future, and the good news is that I have a virtually unlimited amount of time to come up with scripts... And I plan to work on my mic quality as well.