Reviews for "Punk Bitches vs Undead"

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. There are icons with numbers, so I press the numbers and...things happen? I think? And they take a long time to recharge and demons keep attacking?

umm is it just me or is this game a clear and blatant rip off of another game? also i dont remember what that other game was called but it had better explanations and graphics this this rip off.....

hey, i like the game so far. played about 60 secs of it. however, it has a tiny little game-breaking bug. if a toon dies while it's being controlled, the lines remain, and it's almost impossible to control anything else after that.

Hey, this is a cool game and I like your creativity! I suggest making a tutorial or providing some direction or general comments on how to use the girl's powers or abilities. Otherwise, I really like it!

I like the title. More direction and some upgrades would be good.