Reviews for "Punk Bitches vs Undead"

In my opinion, the art is great.
I'm actually doing art for a game at the momment.
I ended up dying at the 6th battle

It is a great game honestly, It just needs a pause and a bunch of other stuff!
Good job, 4/5

Well... As others wrote, this type of "fight engine" is a copy of another game, but I don't think that is the problem. The controls are the problem and the bugs. It was kinda hard to select the character you want. Let me select them with Q to R and let the shield raise with 1 to 4. And at least give a short hint on what the buttons are dong. One character died kinda early by a single hit of a bat. I then got boosted but I wanted my other fighteres to die aswell. Afterward the game kinda froze up.

1. Bug: My "healer" healed a dead character (thats useless)
2. Bug/bad decision: The healer can only heal and cannot fight. Which is a problem if the healer is the last character on the field. (he was still healing the dead body at this moment)
3. Bug: After all charactes are dead, the game just stays in the screen and plays the annoying music.

Play button doesnt work.

Though honestly just based on the concept it seems a little too "Charlie Murder" to be all that great anyway.

Its an okay game. The controls are a little too basic though, and how you are constantly fighting against the auto attack so you can have even offense around the map is annoying. Also the fact your have to reload the game after all the characters die is a hassle. But besides that, the designs are super charming, the music isn't unbearable, and the idea is really nice, so it gets a solid three stars.


pretty cute art wise…needs more things to do tho. and the music is too loud for my taste