Reviews for "Punk Bitches vs Undead"

good & nice concept game but i found bug.
at battle 6:
- with almost full hp , the enemy (just 1) repeatedly hit till my char dies in 1-3 second.
-after all char dies the game stop

It really need more power ups or more ways to get them.

I like the musical mood in the game, how it keeps building up, how each instrument has a little 'beep if its own', power'ups etc, but overall it feels a bit motiveless. It moves along by itself, and apart from hitting a power-up every once in a while there's really not much to do here. No story, no upgrades, not even a highscore table to merit further play (and even if there was, since there doesn't seem to be much strategy involved it wouldn't be much of a race). I like the idea but... it could've been so much more!


umm i died so quick but good game

Cool Art. Cool Music (Bit Repetitive if you play through the game long enough). I like that there is kind of an upgrade system if one of your band members dies. Although that seems to encourage you to kill off your team with not the biggest of rewards. Needs like a currency for upgrade system, plus some more music (since it is a game about a band). Maybe more band members to choose from.