Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

played it for 2 hours if there was a 10 u will get it! AMAZING

for blinged out i put down ten pills then ten teeth. so i assume you just put down a lot of toppings or whatever

Great game. That guy called joca83be told you bou't achievements. I will tell you "Blinget out".
So it's easy. Just spam those extra things and finishing touches.

"Too much sauce."
11/10 -IGN

"Still better lovestory than Twilight"
1337/2015 -Usain Bolt

"Papa's new game in Alpha version?"
666/69 -Bob

10/10 -DRC (Me)

this is what i am, this is my destiny lol. hahaha love this game i wonder what the customer's reaction to my dishes haha. thanks game , i really don't know how to cook at all and i find this so inspirational :D hahaha (Y)