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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"


YOPY REVIEW!: How To Cook Everything
I love cooking. I like to cook, watch cooking, eat cooking and play cooking. So when I saw this, I had to try it but when I saw it was a game for terrible chefs... I kinda of pondered (because I am a pretty good cook myself) but I tried it anyways because Review Life!
You are working at Big Bertha's Diner on a night shift and is the cook for tonight. When the hungry people come, you realize your ingredients are very very alien strange but no fret, you were a master of cooking anything!!!!
When I looked at this, I thought the art was pretty good, but I mean it wasn't state of the art paintings but I could tell what was what and it was very appealing to me. I could tell the artist (McBrideMusings) worked very hard and I like to thank him for that.
There is a classic diner tune playing in the background while you sizzle, chop and throw things. If you didn't understand what I said, the music is very classy and sets that "time to cook" mood and the sounds were very fitting for what you were doing and it felt real. (Although this game is the opposite of real.)
This is the part I was waiting for. So when you walk in on this diner, there is no instructions, just a piece of paper with a name on it and the order: such as pizza, pasta or salmon. Then you pick up the order sheet and get the ingredients but this is the part where it might get a little weird... In this section, you have to grab things to cook but if you aren't blind, you can see glasses, rats, game controllers for the xbox, grenades and normal stuff. At this point I was baffled and didn't know what to do, so I did the most logical thing. Grab anything that looked "good", and rushed off to chop. After you pick your "ingredients", you have to chop them which you can do how many times you need until you think it's good enough. Next is the cooking! All you have to do is put your ingredients into a grease pot, boiling thing or a toaster then you wait for your food to be cooked, then after that is the finale: finishing touches. Here you add whatever you need extra such as, mustard, BBQ, teeth and bolts to lighten up your "beautiful" dish. Then when you are done it is sent off to take a photo of your "meal" and off you go to make another one. It never ends but it sure is fun making, game nachos, burnt salmon cheese pizza and everything pasta without the noodles!
For a cooking game, you would think precise but in this cooking game, all you have to do drag things onto other things with your cursor or click a bunch to chop up things. Very easy to use, not hard at all unless you have shaky hands.
This game was very enjoyable and quite fun seeing what you could make out of the "ingredients" and it was also quite entertaining finding the easter eggs sprinkled in this game. But I do wish they added a little more recipes and variation since I kept getting nachos and pasta for ten minutes. But overall, this game is very easy to play and very enjoyable especially for talented chefs like myself.
(Almost I want to congratulate the authors for making such a fun game in only 48 hours! I salute you!)
If you have spare time, have a party over or need to know how to cook, I recommend you playing this game!

this is one of the best and the funniest games I've played in a long time


im laughing so hard A+++++