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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

lol i had fun

this is good for wasting time and i love the stuff you can cook i had a good laugh

Woot, I’m coming!
Mutton goes yay!
Cook the Chicano’s day.
Mucho Caliente!
I’ll eat wasabe on my dude!
All my body just got ruled!
Kinda like a fist on road!
One more body for your car!
OOO! OOO! Papa’s Restaurant!
OOOO! You’ll be pumping Ovaltine!
Or Salty Shanty’s One Shot Tea!

This game really confused me. I put a steak and salmon together and it said I made a pizza? I mean, I'm glad I got the medal for it, it just didn't make sense. It seemed like the tray in the ingredients part was way off screen. I guess the artwork was pretty good. I could figure out a secret medal.

It just seemed unorganized. There was too much going on. It isn't the kind of game for me. Well, I guess other people will enjoy it more. I didn't really learn how to cook anything.

Really fun time waster, but some reason there is stuttering in the game.