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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

Holy shieat this is the right game for the man

And the kitchen sink! : Make an order with over ingredients
Bootstrap: ?
Demo Man : BOOM! ( Burn food are over and over)
Lil's Wayne: BWAHHHH!!(Air Horn @ Red and yellow sauce added together)
Meat Lover's : Cook a meal using only meats.
Sauce Boss: Would you like some food with your sauce (fill the meal with sauce like a lot of sauce)
Smelling Fresh: ?
Steve Jobs : ?
All Hands on deck: Use the toaster, pot and pan simultaneously
Blinged out : ?
Charcoal: I think it's done (All meal burned over)
#Lunch : SELFIE .
Micromanager : ?
Master Chef: Cook 15 plates

If you now some of the "?" tell me <33 pweaseeee
thank you and you're welcome

I think it's creative that you can pick something inedible to cook. However, the finishing dish looks distasteful and I don't know how to serve it to the customer.

This made me giggle. The variety of ingredients is absurd (rubber chicken revolver boot pizza?) to the point of hilarity, especially when you consider you could go out of your way to make a "normal" dish. The condiments were a bit... unnerving. And being able to save a picture of whatever, ahem, creative food you could come up with is a great touch.
But... It got boring quickly. Ridiculous cooking alone can only go so far, without any kind of win/lose mechanic. Plus, the orders seemed to just swamp you, unless the point of that is to rush you into just throwing crap together. Which I did after a while, multitasking and all, but still couldn't keep up, but it didn't hurt the reviews, apparently. =P
The music is really nice & fitting, and the artwork is great, too.
In short, I don't regret playing this at all; it was fun, though there's not too much replay value.
A bit more motivation/goals would make this for me, but this is still a pretty good and amusing game as it stands.

Fun little game