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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

kitchen for monster !!

howtobasic the game. 69/5 ign it was ok..

Found a new bug. If I'm cooking something and then I go back to the screen where you select the ingredients.. If I keep putting things on the tray eventually I'll get a button that appears. In the next screen where I cut stuff, I'll get the items I had used previously, i.e. the ones which I was cooking last.

I never knew an airhorn could be used as a condiment.

I put two pairs of glasses in the tray and on the next screen it showed up as two clocks.

MikeSalyh responds:

Hi TharosTheDragon! I've seen a couple reports of this bug. I'm going to investigate it tonight and see if I can fix it.

Update: I've patched that bug and a few others. Cheers!