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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

for blinged out i put down ten pills then ten teeth. so i assume you just put down a lot of toppings or whatever

It was okay however I agree with the guy below I want to see them eat it. and have more of a dialogue.

Great little game, gets a bit boring after a while.
Here the medals I found so far:
- Club Sandwich: complete the sandwich order with any ingredients
- Creamy Pasta: complete pasta order with any ingredients
- Delicious Pizza: complete pizza order with any ingredients
- Old Fashioned Hamburger: complete burger order with any ingredients
- Steak Dinner: complete steak order with any ingredients
- Wild Salmon: complete salmon order with any ingredients
- Zesty Nachos: complete nachos order with any ingredients
- And the kitchen sink!: put a lot of ingredients on the tray and continue
- Bootstrap: put 2 boots on the tray and continue
- Demo Man: put a grenade and chop it
- Lil' Wayne: Use the airhorn
- Meat Lover's: put only meat on the tray and continue
- Sauce Boss: put a lot of sauce on the dish, until the medal unlocks
- Smelling Fresh: Put 2 "Old Spice" on the tray and continue
- Steve Jobs: Put 2 iPhone on the tray and continue
- All hands on Deck: Make all cooking stations occupied
- Charcoal: Leave food in the cooker until black, then continue with the food
- Lunch: Click the save button on the food picture after finalising
- Micromanager: Make every station busy (tray in ingredients, something cooking, something on the chopper and something on the finishing touches)
- Master Chef: Cook 10 plats

Missing the Blinged out though for now.

Quite funny. Using two grenades, I served an empty plate.

It was good through the first few minutes and then it got boring. Not enough grody selections tbh.