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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

Through my mind you fucking do anything with the items is there do cooking ,chopping and touching finishing and serve as well..........but you play longer the bored you get do some fun instead of cooking some of you love this but for me not like first person shooter for anyone who enjoys killing everybody in their screen.But this make special game to who love cooking .so this is my comment HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR GUYS!>>>:)

Who would have thought cooking random shit can be so much fun?

Props to the Artist, Designer and Programmer for making this Game. It's just a long relax from the complexity of games and serves you a great meal, literally. Instead of being the next Papa (Insert Diner Name Here) and forces you to do what the customer says. You can have the Freedom like you're an Bald eagle to make whatever you please! And with that aspect the Creators were smart enough to hit enough great points. A comedic effect which is always good for a game, especially when you laugh out loud and not just keep it in like a dramatic person screaming for help. The medals are also very clever, Lil' Wayne got me laughing. The art is just perfect, It's calming in a way that's perfect. The music? The average thing you'd expect. This is so impressive for just something made for a 48 hour challenge Jam. I also knew something would go great when MikeSalyh Is involved. All of them work together amazingly, this is so nice that I couldn't put it to words. You guys did splendid and I'd give it a 10/10. You guys need to work together more on projects

Autumn Leaves was a great music selection for this game. It was simple, yet very entertaining.

This a definitely a fun way to kill time.