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Reviews for "How To Cook Everything"

Great game btw, if you got spare time, play this game

almost a cooking mama.

A nice game to kill some time, but it seems there is something missing.
There is no incentive point in this game.
No goal, no point system, nothing - not even some gimmicks.
Just an endless loop.

Despite of this it has something funny.

This game really has no point on this planet what so ever but we enjoy it because of its charm charm meaning its funny and makes us laugh but its dialogue is quite dull.

Nice to spend some time, i found a bug : after you've sent once the ingredients to the step "Chop it!"you can send the same ingredients with the same order as many times as you want.
To do so, you just have to return to the step "Pick the ingredients" and move the ingredients (20times or more) and then the button "Done" appears, if you click on it, you'll send the same order to the step "Chop it!" ._.