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Reviews for "Pixel Box Worlds"

If you are bored this is one of the games to relax

Was fun, nothing too crazy about it.
I didnt give 5 stars because the tiles are so small that you really cant get an idea of what it is until you put it on the board...

Okay, a few things that could make this editor better.
-Click+drag functionality for when you want a lot of the same tile.
-Needs to be an indicator at the bottom of what tile you've selected, like a bright shiny box around your selection.
-Hotkeys, like for changing between bright and dark.
-You have way too many tiles because you've tried to account for every combination of foreground/background tile. You should just be able to select a torch, for example, and put it anywhere and have it automatically show up in front of whatever background tile is already there. Distinguish between foreground and background tiles. Have two different delete tools: one for fg, one for bg.
-There needs to be a way to convert your level to text, so that it could actually be taken and used in a game. This clearly has the potential to be a game level editor.

This is an interesting minecraft like building game. Very creative.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

I can make anything, everything! But the reason is...... WHY MY ART IS SOO BIG!?!? Or just it too small?