Reviews for "Pixel Box Worlds"

its like mixing up minecraft and pixel craft and i made three the first one is called enderman second is 1st day in minecraft last is underground home

Another amazing game, and an upload option! So glad this is in.
A ton of new blocks and some great levels, it felt really fun and rewarding to build, my only suggestions are: Search bar and named blocks! (as always) and also a 1-10 rating or review system.
This would make a great game if it had an interactive character too (WASD, interact with doors or just walk around and climb ladders, etc)

hey that's my song yo... XDDDDDDD
I appreciate you using it but I think it's a little unfitting...

I've left my mark :) Look for the world named after me. Fun pixel art game!

GREAT GAME! btw look at the upload screen and check the corner.youll find the golden astronaut token.