Reviews for "Pixel Box Worlds"

So this game is nice and i made 3 worlds one of them are very bad it just nothing but 2 of them are the cool world i just made cool world 2.0

When I read this was similar to Minecraft I feared the canvas might be endless, but I'm glad there's a frame within which you build. It's an easy canvas to build on, and fun to create, even though it feels a bit lifeless without any form of motion apart from the background, or characters that walk around and interface with what you build. It'd be pretty cool if you could, for example, use this like a level editor, and build short obstacle courses that other people can then complete. There could be a highscore system, or time-based medals for each level (that authors design), maybe replay capabilities too... it could evolve into something really big, this little gadget! As is, it was a fun idea though. I like that you're able to share and vote on levels too, and have them saved indefinitely via NG servers. Good game!


i think you need to ad playeable characters

Awesome. Just awesome.

FUN +1

2 stars