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Reviews for "Busser: Sushi"

I remember watching your animation "Tantalus" not too long ago, and I really enjoyed that one, so when you got a new one out, I wanted to review!

The movement, while not very fluid, went well with the concept you were going for, in my opinion. Kind of clunky, but delightfully quirky!

I liked the narration particularly. I don't know if you've ever worked in a sushi bar, or one of those all you can eat buffets, but you do get the sense of a disgruntled employee who's seen the mistreatment of his co-workers, shitty bosses and management, and so much good food gone to waste so the emotion, or the lack of emotion is spot on! Like someone in the inside looking outside, observing what's going on around him.

Really cool!

As for the voice acting for the sushi, it fell a little flat. Maybe that was your intention, and was supposed to be funny, but I think had they were given speech bubbles or something, it would've worked better.

Your style of animating is so endearingly adorable, I don't know if I've already told you this, but I just love the way you animate. It's really cute, and I mean it in the most un-condescending way as possible.

Funny how you presented animals as some of the patrons in your animation. I don't think animals waste food, or at least, not as much as some humans do.

Also, I like how you almost always have a theme relating to food in your animations. Which is I think is pretty great! I like how you like food. Used to love food myself, but I don't know, not so much anymore. Just eat when I'm hungry I guess, and when I'm not I... don't. Except I do mostly. Which is, you know, not good.

But anyway! I simply adored this one, especially the last two minutes. The little piece of sushi was so cute, and its death just about broke my heart but it was all still super hilarious!

I'm going to go watch some of you other stuff now, and I hope you have more stuff to share!

antdung responds:

Thanks for the feedback, LadyIshtar! I guess I just animate what I know LOL. Anyways, your thoughtful comments are always appreciated, and I hope I won't disappoint with what I have planned next. Thanks again!

thats hilarious... and it was totally different.
im sad when people waste sushi too bruh

antdung responds:

Glad you liked it!

Frankly, as another who has been in the middle between paying rent on time and buying a gallon of milk... Oh... I know what kind of struggle lays in wait out there. I TRULY feel your pain... As to the animation... Clean and fairly smooth. It's good stuff, and the substance is not an issue. You can market this anywhere, and you've got a tale to tell, so go out with it "boy" and spread the tale to tell! You're good, but you need just a bit of polish on this one, I suppose... A little more attention to those details, and you'll have it, I promise ya'!
A bit more work, and then let it go... Sometimes, you trade in "control" for "power"...


The narration was just fine. Honestly how can we NOT feel the pain of perfectly fine food gone to waste!?!

I mean....it's untouched....why!?!

It's such a crime. I remember making a complaint to a Kroger store for tossing their food at the end of the day (there were heaps of freshly cooked food).

Dude..I was in a world between anger and sadness.

Used to work for a catering service, The amount of perfectly good food thrown out on a weekly baises could have fed a small country. Why not just put in in a cooler and give it away ? Fear of lawsuits, that was the real reason given. Pathetic.