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Reviews for "Busser: Sushi"

first of all I liked the colour scheme and the story. I hope some people get more awareness to what they do with their sushi. in other words I know what you mean.

However I don't want to be to strict about the whole situation (situation: It's someones first time in a sushi restaurant and he or she orders just one too many sushi and is completly scolded because of it)

furthermore i'd like you Duongster too know that there are a few sushi restaurants that charge extra money for left over sushi. This makes people more aware of how much they should order. (IDK if this is animation was about somthing IRL but if so suggest this to your manager/boss)

That "worst crime" at the end is totally my parents. They also mix the wasabi and the ginger into the soy sauce. Like holy shit guys do you even taste the damn sushi?

sushi crimes cannot go unpunished!

That was pure comedy genius 5/5.

it's ok to put ketchup on sushi though, right?