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Reviews for "Busser: Sushi"

I never knew I would feel so much over a piece of sushi.

nice animation, making one like it.. My art style is like that.. But a bit diff.

Bet you put some harkwork into this.

Im not sure whats so bad about dipping sushi in things.

"noooow help meeee" ^o^ Too Cute.

Sushi is something I love and I found this video to be pretty good. The colour scheme for the animation was actually really cool, and the almost solemn tone of the voice acting worked well cause of the subject.

Also in Japan with certain types of Nigiri such as salmon you dip the fish in soy sauce after lifting it off the rice and then put it back on the rice in order to season it without the rice disintegrating. Though this should definitely not be done with more refined fish like Tuna.

It was a cool animation and now I've rambled on about sushi for ages so goodbye.