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Reviews for "Busser: Sushi"

poor kawaii sushi ;( (at the end of the video) but it was great... 5 stars

This is fantastic work! The animation is pretty good, the character design is simple, yet distinct, the color palette helps set the mood, etc. And the ending... I love that ending. It brought this from a 4 to a 5. Great work!

Only issue is the sound. It's very low.

Wow, those people are wasteful, the first guy ordered 10 rolls? but only ate 3? What a waste, and then that woman that just spat up all of that perfectly good sushi because has no self control.

Sushi, and soy sauce? that just sounds like a poor combination. Good animation bro.

Love your art style keep it up!

As a fellow sushi muncher, I must say I agree with just about all of that, but I can't stand the base crunchiness of roe in sushi; so I admit I slap on Wasabi to get past it. I like the taste, just not the actual texture of roe. Though I suppose that basically submerging sushi might as well might be considered a rather strange act. Also, I am not a fan of octopus tentacles. I've had one of the suckers catch in my throat before. Tasted great, just impossible to chew through. Also, you have an all you can eat sushi place? How much, where is it, and what transportation can I use to get there? :P