Reviews for "Decision 3"

There are bad games, there are regular games, there are pretty good games and after that, there is Decision 3. Get this game better graphics, engine and start selling it! I want to see this on Steam Greenlight!

Awesome! Love the Decision games, just not to keen on the voice acting especially at the beginning. But hey, watcha gonna do.

I for now I'm stuck on the "massacre", the second day I sit on this mission and that I do not finish by the time I armed 100% at least 2 types of weapons ... now I wonder whether it is worthwhile to continue to play to make this mission ... compaction itself is not a problem only time limit in which it is used for making

P.S give 5 stars for overall - the best part of a series

answer to yona :
shortcut mine : Q
shortcut grenade: E
i hope this is helpful for you

Great new part of this series.
Is there a way to play with AG online account or it's bugged(and works only if playing on AG site)?