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Reviews for "Decision 3"

The game is very well made in terms of graphics, gameplay and sounds, but the balancing has some serious issues... for example, money. After you secure a single area, you can get rich just by sleeping multiple times, whereas, if you don't do that, you are basically always poor for the rest of the game. I think it's not proportional to make the shelter upgrades for all zones (both initial and final) cost 10k.

Another thing, in the areas where mutants dominate, I can pretty much murder everything in my path (even bosses) using only the full level knife and agility, while the outpost is useless and will fall no matter how much I upgrade it. The mutants simply attack it and make the durability go to 0 - instead of escaping through the gate. So, on that cenario it would make a lot more sense to put my hero in front of the closed outpost and fight there, instead of using weak guns that can't even scratch those mutants with shields.

In terms of history and plot, I think the game was kinda confusing. I may have missed something, but I didn't see the studies of Dr Bear leading anywhere. Maybe if you came up with a way to connect the clues you find it would be more logical (otherwise the player must look for plot answers on online forums, and that may spoil everything).

Sorry if I sound too pessimist, I'm just trying to point out where you may want to improve. I loved the game and I'm looking forward for a Decision 4. Congratulations on your efforts so far!

A very fun game with a good story.

We need a medal system for this game. Still waiting for it.. :/

i love this game its diccicult but it work

this is a really good game. good controls, good story and very fun to play