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Reviews for "Decision 3"

Anyone noticed that if you jump ("F") and before landing you switch weapon to Machete, you don't lose health (or Stamina) except when Zombie Troll or Super Mutant hit grounds with double punch? More, you can through prims and black areas... Sorry if someone wrote it yet but i didn't read all previous comments.

Wow...I beat the game. It's been a blast! :-)

New thoughts for an old - but fun game: There is something seriously wrong with the controls. It is either the problem with Flash being put out to pasture, or something in the game interface.

I have checked my drivers, Flash version, everything I could think of - and nothing fixes it.

I can play for about 1 to 3 minutes, then my controls all go to total crap. Fire button doesn't work, movement controls refuse to work - or lock and leave me running against a wall for zombie food.

Upkeep is seriously unbalanced.
However I upgrade the factory, and if I want to have any kind of semi-serious protection, the upkeep is ALWAYS higher than the profit.

Apart from that, Fuckin A+ man.

Amazing game... Sounds, graphics and controls - work perfectly on my chromebook.. Can't wait for Decision 4.. good job guys!