Reviews for "Ghostscape 3D"

Sound effects are almost perfect! I like the gentle whispering sound of the voice actor. He might be a sexy man! Unfortunately, I couldn't get much from what he's trying to say in the tapes because of the noisy background and I am not a native English speaker.

Graphics are good. I was a little shocked, but not scared by occasional "jump scares". The bodies hanging from the ceiling look like aliens rather than humans. Their eyeballs should have popped out. When I checked under a bed, I expected to find something really scary! But, I only found something ordinary.

Game play is straightforward. I enjoyed solving the three puzzles with clues available on the notes and walls. Also, I had no problem finding all crystals and spheres. Poking a spongy head seems naughty and unnecessary unless there is something hidden inside. Ending is a little creepy. I wasn't sure if the evil souls had consumed me or what.

Psionic3D responds:

Keep poking the head ;-)

You did an awesome job, Unity and you are a perfect match. And the atmosphere of unease was perfect, 5spooky7me!

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, I'm really starting to feel comfortable with Unity (still lots to learn though) and am actually enjoying game dev compared to those distant memories of using Flash...

Wish the counter wasn't counting so visibly all the way through, feels like it's easy to rush the experience when there's a limit to keep, though this is one of those games you really want to take your time with. At least during the first run. The atmosphere's nicely built up, eerie, dark, detailed, plenty of startles, puzzles and background ambiance. Not scary per say, but if I'd played this at night I might've gotten a greater effect out of it. It's captivating at least, makes you want to see what's after at least the next door for each new room you get to. And considering it's Unity, and 3D, I was positively surprised to discover no lag! Great game.


Psionic3D responds:

I don't really notice the counter personally but I might turn it off and only show it in the Inventory...Thanks for playing and taking the time to comment/rate..I appreciate it!

Okay, what a game. I always know when I see a Psionic game that it'll be an experience, and this game did not disappoint. Great atmosphere, great sound effects, even a great use of voice work in the tape recordings to amp up the tension. I liked those points when the camera movement would abruptly slow down to just create these tense, suspenseful momenst.
The one thing that took me out was the buildup to the ending. Not so much the ending itself, but somewhere after you've collected all of the notes and read all of the book messages, and you have these orbs and crystals and you're about to head down to the basement. Somewhere around there I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, "Oh, I'm going to release the Relentless." It wasn't even a mystery at that point, it was simply obvious that if I finished the game, I would release/become the Relentless. The ceremony had never been to destroy the Relentless, but to bring it into our world.
I was wandering around, looking for the last crystal, and thinking, "This Relentless clearly isn't doing anything to drive me mad or control me, I'm walking around clear and sane as anything, and it isn't doing a darn thing to stop me from looking for the crystals that supposedly will banish it from our world. Yeah, I'm obviously already its pawn." The only thing the Relentless (or more correctly, the game mechanics) did was prevent me from just walking out of the house and foiling its plans that way. So from that point, the game was very much on rails, forcing me to do what I knew was the wrong thing to do (or just not finish the game, and where's the fun in that). It might have been better if there was some sense of the Relentless trying to prevent me from collecting the orbs and crystals, some threat that could kill or possess the character, so that I actually felt like the ritual was the only solution. As it was, once I got to that point, I just felt defeated, because I knew the only way to finish the game was the "bad" ending. Even freeing all of the trapped spirits didn't help.
So now I feel a little guilty, because there were a lot more words of criticism in this review than positive words, and that truly doesn't reflect my opinion of the game. It was a great game, and I will continue to look for Psionic games with anticipation, because they're awesome. Keep up the great work, especially now that you have the Unity engine at your disposal. I hope this review serves as something constructive for future endeavours. Looking forward to the next game.

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks for playing!!

I really do appreciate the constructive crits and I agree with pretty much all of your points, they are certainly something I'll be keeping in mind on future projects!!

I read on your blog how many hours you were putting into getting this perfect... your work is really good and you have a well-deserved following.
This is worthy of being added to the new games page; I think a lot of gamers will really like this a lot. I did.
Thanks for submitting it to NG for us to play :)

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your comments!!