Reviews for "Ghostscape 3D"

I loved the first 2 and really wanted to play this but since I can only use my work computer I cant download unity to play this :(... you get my support anyway even though I cant play it.

Psionic, your work never ceases to impress. Another wonderful creation, now in an even better setting. The only issues I had were small. At some points, the most memorable one being in the attic, you can mouse over things in other rooms through the wall. Also there were some minor clipping issues I noticed with some 3d models. This is because I was scrutinizing everything, looking for things to click and find. Other than that, I am loving this transition into Unity. Everything is much smoother and the graphics have taken a large turn upwards.

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks for playing. I have just checked the attic and a unable to mouse over other rooms, all those descriptions and mouse overs are correct and working if you click them. For example 'go back to the entrance' means the entrance to the attic, not the entrance of the house ;-)

Good game. I like the whispering and whole soundtrack. Graphic is good and Unity makes your Ghostscape better :) Puzzles are not so hard, but also not stupid simple and I have lot of fun when solving them (especially one of the notes). Only thing bad is when you play Fullscreen, the view is cutted and you cannot ad sphere into hole near boiler or find last pentagram in the beginning, because you cannot see it.

Otherwise great work and I like all your Ghostcape games.

Psionic3D responds:

Yeah Fullscreen just doesn't work in Unity and there is no fix for all resolutions ;-/

Thanks for playing!!

overall a great game.

would have liked to be able to traverse and continue playing while listening to audio tapes. would have added a lot.

don't like having to open and close the inventory to deselect an item.

also i went around flipping tons of pentagrams in the house but my orbs dispersed stayed at 1/10. i have no idea what orbs dispersed was supposed to refer to but i assume it was the pentagrams, therefore that's a bug.

also i couldn't find the first audio tape despiste scouring the whole house several times.

so i wasn't able to get the epilogue and i feel like it was due to bugs.

Psionic3D responds:


I felt that there might be too much noise going on if you played the tapes whilst moving around.

You can use space bar to toggle Inventory on/off which is a quicker way to deselect stuff.

The orbs are the little white glows drifting throughout the house, you need to capture them with the camera! (Some orbs are in the secret rooms). The pentagrams open secret areas and are nothing to with game completion.

Tapes are:- Chair to right at entrance, Boxes to right outside bedroom door, Attic move all barrels, Cellar bottom of bookcase and Chair on the landing by the table in the corner.

Check out the walkthrough on www.psionicgames.com/walkthroughs/ghostscape-3d-video-walkthrough/ to see where things are before blaming it on the bugs ;-)

very nice game x) no find last note :/

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, check the walkthrough on my site at www.psionicgames.com