Reviews for "Ghostscape 3D"

This game is great! I love how it's more smoother than the other games you created before :)

Good game. This unity engine is excellent and you make a good use of it! Not so freaking scary as you wrote in the description, but is subjective i guess..!

Absolutely amazing...great game, sir!

Like the style of your point and click adventures, looking forward to play more!
encountered a little glitch on the "landing":
the box under the table has a hotspot ("this box is locked!") but you can't click it.
First thought it was some resolution issue, cause the mouse cursor was outside the actual game-frame, until i found the hotspot ("look under the table") on the table surface!

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks...yeah the camera angle and back button system kinda clashed in that corner and that was the solution I ended up with - it's not great but it'll have to do for now ;-/ I'm new to creating these games in full 3D and there are a lot of things I am learning along the way. Feedback always appreciated though!

I finished the game with no sound :D
I scared >_< I didn't hear all the tape
maybe next time the player have to hear the tape to get the clue
oh, and I played the clock with a trial and error lol
good game master!