Reviews for "Ghostscape 3D"

Great game! Good graphics, intriguing story, and this time we get to know the cause of all the horror in the area for the game! However, We don't know how the Relentless demon actually got into the world before the Black Plague nor how it came to haunt the game's area, and every single body looks the same plus they're all hanging thus taking away from how "unique" they are.

Also, the bodycount here is massive just like in Ghostscape 2, albeit a bit smaller. Judging from the info I gleaned from this game, the Relentless has killed within the game's area at the very most 37+ people, with them being 1 each for the recently dug 10 graves outside, 1 each for the 10 orbs, the five hanging bodies plus the decapitated head (six deaths in total), the two deaths the player (at least mentally according to the epilogue) and the acquaintance who invited him to the house, the deaths of the acquaintance's several colleagues (at least 3 in total), several missing people according to the acquaintance's recordings (at least 3 in number), the death of ghost hunter Thomas Frank J Whitehorse aka the guy who invited the acquaintance to the house, and the two hikers that the possessed player kills in the epilougue with the third hiker's fate being unknown. Dang, that's a doozy of a bodycount!

all the corpses are the same, i think you should make it more different and more scary

Well that was fun. Could be a little scarier but definitely fun. ;P
Flash spotlight a little late but who said they have to be on new games.


4.5 /10 would ghost again

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Marvellously made and really imaginative.

The 'shower scene' was one of the best parts of the game and actually did its job. I found all the other objects but initially missed the note where you had to 'pull the plug' but gained access to the attic simply by guessing the year. I then found the note after while searching for all the vents.

While I found almost all of the game perfect, I do have a few SMALL suggestions:

The only part of the game I didn't initially complete was 'disperse orbs'. I didn't actually notice this category until I had completed the game the first time, then became very confused as to what I was searching for - in the end being the only thing I had to google for. I was concentrating on the word ORB, and not disperse, which may have given me a better clue. Perhaps though, this could be renamed as 'collect ectoplasmic samples' or 'disperse sprites' etc. Just an idea.

I appreciate it takes a lot of time to design the bodies, but maybe some individualisation would have made them more effective (even having not all of them hanging) or quickly add a sack cloth item of clothing, etc. Once I had seen what was in the shower, the next time I saw a body I thought...oh...just that same model again.

When checking under the bed, the slow look was very well done, however when checking more than once it became tedious and I would have liked it to have gone quicker on subsequent checks.

I discovered tape recording 5 before I did recording 4. Tape 5 is obviously the most atmospheric and ideally would be played last, revealing that final chilling part of the story. Now, I quite liked the idea that not all the tapes were in order, but perhaps it would be worth programming in that in this one case tape recording 5 would be the final tape added to inventory, no matter which actual tape location-wise has been discovered.

The Relentless demon at the end...it's well done but from my own experience it makes things far more scary not to see them so clearly. Currently you get a nice long look at it which dispels any fear. My advice would be to see it flash up for only a split second. You could have it flicker up once or twice as it charges down the corridor, growing in size (though still small) and then a final (no more than a couple of frames) flash up with it right before your face, full size, and then cut to black and then a scream. I've used similar shots before to very good effect.

Okay final suggestion is for future pieces of work. I would LOVE to see more of this thing for you. Could play this kind of stuff all day. My final suggestion is not to make puzzles too linear (click this, open that, click this, open that, etc). I appreciate the wall switches and the clock and attic-date puzzles semi-fall outside this category, although their answers were directly given, but have some puzzles where the player has to work things out - logic puzzles. Examples like balancing things on a scale mechanism, performing a magic ritual by placing or using things in a correct order, matching up symbols of an occult numeral system to our own numbers, etc, etc. These are obviously harder to conceive and construct, and also less likely to use a standard model that can be replicated, but can prove that much more pleasing for a player to solver.

Anyhow, excellent, excellent work - I am only offering thoughts on the few minor things that went through my head as I played this - and hope there will be a sequel. Well done!