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Reviews for "North Korea's Mentalest G"

ahh, finally, a game about my favourite show on the telly, entitled, "the mentalist." Now That's What I'm Talking About

Amazing game. I had a bit of problem understanding the way through the sea side level, but otherwise it was all great!

4 stars for some freakin reasons! FIRST OF ALL!!!!!!!! I DONT GET THE GAME!! SECOND OF ALL!!!!!WHATS THE TOPIC!@@!!!!!! THIRD OF ALL!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS THERE A NAKED LADY ON THE GAME PICTURE >:(

When you get to the part between the metro and the museum, if you go to both, it doesn't let you go anywhere. I liked it besides that weird bug. Weird bugs are hard to find unless you show it to other people before you put it online, I spreak from (very limited) personal experience. If you can't finish a game that seems like it's supposed to have an end, that's annoying.

you´re crazy man
your work is hilarious
i personally love pokemon beige XD

3/5 would pley again m8

bretty gud!

yurgenburgen responds:

Thanx bruv